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Submittal of the Final Paper / Presentation Deadline (upon selection of Abstract) 15 March 2020

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Key Topics for 2020 / أهم الموضوعات في عام 2020




Q & A


Success Stories


Latest Innovations


Industry Trends


Panel Discussions

  • Metallurgical Fundamentals and Techniques
  • High Strength Alloys
  • Metal Processing
  • New Materials and Performances
  • Nanotechnology, Mining, Metallurgical and Material Engineering
  • Polymetric Materials
  • Composite Materials
  • Smart Materials
  • Materials Selection and Design Challenges
  • Challenges in corrosion resistance alloys (CRA)
  • Applications and advances in :
  • Steel and its alloys

    Nickle and its alloys

    Copper and its alloys

    Titanium and its alloys

    Chromium steel and its alloys

    Molybdenum steel and its alloys

  • Modern international standards in material
  • Advances in technology of material manufacturing
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibition
  • Corrosion by Hot Gases and Combustion Products
  • Environment Sensitive Fracture
  • Corrosion Mechanisms, Methods and Modelling
  • Corrosion Education
  • Marine Corrosion
  • Microbial Corrosion
  • Corrosion of Steel in Concrete
  • Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production
  • Corrosion in the Refinery Industry
  • Cathodic Protection : Cathodic Protection in Marine Environments
  • Corrosion of Polymer Materials
  • Corrosion in Sustainable and Green Technologies
  • Hydrogen issues in oil & gas and Marine Environment
  • Nanotechnology and corrosion prevention
  • New technologies in NDT and inspection techniques for in-service inspection and assets integrity
  • Advances in international codes & standards and best practices for NDT of assets integrity
  • Managing of CP interferences
  • Effects of high CP potential on coatings performance
  • New perspectives of soil resistivity and its influence on CP performance
  • New technologies for CP of onshore applications

Abstract Submission - Guidelines
تسليم الملخص – القواعد الإرشادية

Presentations for the Conference will be selected from abstracts submitted to the conference program committee.

Early submission is particularly important to ensure that the committee members have ample time to review the abstracts. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their abstracts electronically through

Abstracts should clearly state the subject matter, the objectives and the important conclusions to be presented in the full paper and should not exceed 500 words in length.

The abstract must include the title of the paper, the author's name(s) and the affiliation including the mailing and the email addresses. Selection of papers will take into account the originality, relevance and likely interest to delegates. Guidelines for the submission of manuscripts for review and the preparation of the final draft will be communicated upon the acceptance of the abstract.

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